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Business Support Services

Our business support services are aimed at the sole trader, self-employed and small business sectors.

This service is all about supporting you to do what you do best - running your business. To this end we provide information you need in a format that is applicable to your individual circumstances.

Where situations are more complex we can signpost you to relevant sources of information and help. Some training we can provide, other training we can recommend and signpost you to.

This service is about making best use of your time and effort and freeing you up to concentrate on the running of your small business.

Any business signed up to our packages receives some business support, the level of which is dependent on the package signed up for.

Get Your

Business MOT

At Bluestar UK Services Ltd, we appreciate that in order to run your business to its maximum capacity you need many different abilities and skills, and realistically many of us do not have all that’s needed.

We strongly advocate outsourcing areas that you have not the expertise in, and concentrating your efforts on what you do best working to your individual strengths.

To this end we are providing a Business MOT where we look at your business with you. Part of this process if going through a set of diagnostics to see the what, why and how you operate, what policies and procedures you have in place etc.

We then provide an in depth analysis of how things can be improved; how resources can be better utilised, what if anything would be best to outsource and buy in.

We cover all angles and you'll be surprised what benefits a business MOT can bring.

Business MOT

Case Study

How can you maximise returns and reduce costs? Check out our case study on how one client found results with our business support services.

Problem: The Business owner wanted to maximise turnover and returns in an establishment to improve the viability of the business or the alternative was to close the branch due to the high running costs and disproportionate turnover.

Solution: Our Business Dr [title given by client] went in and had a look at the situation and recommended that better use could be made of the floor space by reducing the stock room facility and extending the shop floor.

The shop floor space was extended by a third. This was worked out that it could be done with minimal cost and disruption. In fact the disruption whilst the works were carried out over a 4 day period attracted more customers into the shop, as they wanted to know what was being done.

Stock control was tightened up to reduce stock holding, greater stocks were...

Business Support


Our pricing structure for this service is dependent on the size of business and the time taken to do the Business MOT.

A full written report is provided with recommendations and action plan.

We would strongly advise that a yearly Business MOT is done as a way of keeping business planning current, up to date, and very much being a proactive way of running your business.

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Why Choose Bluestar for Business Support?

Qualifications, life experience and hands on with business owners.

We have over 60 years of combined business experience and have skills that are are quite distinctive and compliment and benefit our clients. We have helped several businesses come back from the brink of collapse and seen them flourish. The new start –ups that we have worked with have put in place firm foundations from which they have been able to develop and grow their businesses. Our business is helping you succeed and prosper.

Business Benefits

Free advice and sign posting of business resources

Qualified trained staff to help you get the support you need and at your pace

Builds confidence and helps create focus

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