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Business Coaching

Small Business Coaching is all about you getting the most out of your business and maximising your efforts to increase profitability and the smooth running of your business.

Business Coaching starts with the circumstances you find yourself in and the reality of where you are at now, and moves onto what you want to achieve and very much setting action plans to get you to where you want to be with your business. In order to do this a series of business diagnostics are used to identify areas of improvement, starting with working through the GROW model and setting SMART goals and working out action plans to achieve the SMART goals that you choose to work on.

It is often the case that when clients are in crisis that they will seek additional support and enlist the help of a Business Coach. However there are many advantages to working with a Business Coach and utilising their services. Small Business Coaching is very much about being positive and proactive, and actively working on the business, so that your business delivers the results that you want.

Better Time and Staff Management

Strategic Planning

Increased Profitability

Greater Communication and Clarity

Change Management

Team Development

Informed Decision and Risk Taking

Consistent Customer Service

Case Study: Client made contact unhappy with morale and staffing situation. Initial appointment was set up to discuss situation. At that appointment staff members were also interviewed to get their perspective as to what the problems were. Job Performance Wheels were completed by staff and a Management Competencies Wheel was completed by the owner.

The results from these highlighted that there was a lack of clarity on respective roles and responsibilities and the expectations of the employer. On stepping back and looking at the role each member of staff performed it became clear that there was some overlapping of roles and responsibilities. These were worked through and greater clarity was achieved. New roles and responsibilities were drawn up for each member of staff. Also regular supervision of staff was put into place which meant that any issues needing addressing can be brought up and discussed.

Areas for improvement were identified and implemented which had a significant impact on profitability. This resulted in increased job satisfaction, better working relationships and team performance. The owner after this process was much happier and more relaxed and his own skills had improved from going through the process. The owner now is actively setting time aside to work on the business and not just in the business.


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