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New Business Start up Services

The Support and guidance you need from day one.

What We Do

We work with you to get from your ideas of running a business to the reality of getting established. We provide the support you need and remove the isolation of running your business. It is our belief that time taken in the early stages with careful planning and knowledge of the what, why and how you are doing things pays great dividends in the long term, and ensures your long term success and viability.

We take the view that you need to know what you want to achieve in detail, and then guide you through the steps needed to get your thoughts into reality. We will work with you and give you informed choices of what structure is best for you [i.e. sole trader, partnership or Limited company] We will work with you to prepare a business plan that is a working document that incorporates not only your financial planning but the other aspects of your individual business. This puts you in a stronger position should you need to raise finance, but it is also a blueprint of your business operation.

We have good working relationships with local bank branches and we can support you opening your business bank account. We will carry out your registrations procedures with the relevant authorities.

Benefits To You

You have the support that you need from day one. You increase your chances of success and get your business off to the best start with firm business foundations in place. You avoid costly mistakes and have the support that you need and are compliant in all aspects of running your business.

Setting Up your Limited Company

Your first step is to decide on your trading name and run a check to see if it is available at companies house. DIY is cheap and perfectly legal. We can guide you through the process of getting set up, it is quick and cost effective and the company can be set up within a few hours or at the latest if you are setting it up of an evening the next day.

If the name you want to use has been held previously by a dissolved company we would advise against using that name and recommend that you chose again. Ensure that your choice of name is different to that which is already registered at Companies House. If you are going to have a web site which is strongly recommended, you also need to check out if the domain name is available that you want to use.

Use a WHOIS search. A name that is short, simple and memorable is advantageous. Also decide on if you want or just .com. We can either do this for you, or guide you through doing it yourself.

Advantages of running a Limited Company

Business and Personal are distinctly separated

Directors have limited liability

The company is liable for its debts and obligations

Greater credibility

Greater opportunities for growth and expansion

Companies are generally easier to sell


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